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Letters Of Administration Application

When a loved one passes away, family members are often dealing with personal stress. When that individual has died without a Will, questions arise about who should administer the estate. The legal counsel at Horizon Law Corporation, Surrey probate lawyer Lina Lee, can help relieve some of the burden experienced by family members. She advises families on the legal steps that must be taken to deal with the estate and will handle the Court application for the appointment of an administrator.

Answering Your Estate Questions

An administrator acts in a role similar to an executor. While an executor is named in a Will, an administrator is appointed by the Court to handle a deceased person's estate. To become an administrator, a formal Court application must be submitted. The application can be challenged by other family members who disagree as to who should be appointed to deal with the estate of the deceased person.

Lawyer Lina Lee can advise you on the process of applying to be administrator, and can complete and file Court paperwork on your behalf. Once you are charged with administering the estate, Lina Lee can help you fulfil your duties by offering step-by-step guidance and advice. Lina Lee has been a B.C. lawyer for more than 15 years and has built a successful Wills, estates and company law practice in Surrey and White Rock.

Probate Without A Will In Surrey

For legal advice on B.C. estate law or an application for probate without a Will, call Horizon Law Corporation at 604-538-7074 in Surrey and White Rock or contact us online to make an appointment.

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