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Power Of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document that allows you to appoint someone to act on your behalf while you are alive but become incapable of making important financial or legal decisions. Whether you are declared incompetent or are otherwise incapacitated, a Power of Attorney can be of great benefit because it empowers someone to deal with your affairs and ensure your wishes are carried out. Having a Power of Attorney in place also means loved ones can avoid having to go to Court, during what is often a traumatic time, to convince a judge who should be allowed to act on your behalf.

Led by estate planning lawyer Lina Lee, Horizon Law Corporation is here to help people throughout the White Rock and Surrey community who need detailed counsel and assistance when it comes to clearly capturing wishes and planning for the future.

Power Of Attorney Documents Tailored To Your Needs And Situation

An Enduring Power of Attorney is an essential part of most estate plans. The purpose is to appoint someone who will have the authority to handle your affairs, financial and legal, if you become unable to make decisions. This document can be designed to be as specific or as general as you need or would like it to be.

In many cases, for estate purposes, one person is appointed and the language is broad so that he or she can deal with all of your affairs when you need assistance. However, you can prepare a series of Power of Attorneys whereby you appoint the person you believe would best be able to act on your behalf for different financial or legal matters.

Lina Lee is a Surrey estate planning lawyer who takes the time to learn all about you, as well as your family dynamics, in order to provide counsel that accurately addresses your wishes and concerns. While a Power of Attorney is a useful legal instrument, it needs to be carefully crafted to meet the needs and wishes of the person. Ms. Lee understands how to analyze a situation and to make recommendations about how to craft a Power of Attorney to meet the needs and concerns of the person.

Contact A White Rock Lawyer With Over 15 Years Of Estate Planning Experience

To learn more about Powers of Attorney and our comprehensive estate planning and administration services, contact Horizon Law Corporation at 604-538-7074 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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