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Probate Application

When a person dies with a Will, there are duties placed upon the executor to ensure that terms of the Will are complied with and the estate is properly distributed. Horizon Law Corporation offers probate application services to executors in Surrey-White Rock who seek legal assistance.

Offering Probate Application Services

Probate is a detail-oriented Court process that usually occurs while families are under emotional stress due to the death of a family member. For many clients of Horizon Law Corporation, it is peace of mind that brings them to hire Lina Lee to handle the probate of a Will application. Lina Lee can offer assurance that legal obligations of the executor are met. This is of particular benefit when assets are complex, or when family members may disagree about the terms of the estate.

While the executor will still be responsible for itemizing the loved one's assets and debts, lawyer Lina Lee can take care of the paperwork and court filings. This gives people the time they need to deal with their loss and removes a significant burden from their family responsibilities.

Lina Lee has been a B.C. lawyer for more than 15 years, and a Surrey-White Rock solicitor since 2005. Her experience as a business law lawyer makes her particularly adept at dealing with complex estate assets, both in probate law and in the estate planning process. To learn more about whether Lina Lee is the right lawyer to handle your probate application or help you execute a comprehensive estate plan, contact the firm for a consultation.

Surrey Probate Application Lawyer

To arrange an appointment with the Will probate lawyer at White Rock-Surrey's Horizon Law Corporation, call us at 604-538-7074 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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